InfinityMR-S Encoder Gimbal für Kameras bis 800g/1,77lb

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InfinityMR-S – a universal, lightweight gimbal supporting cameras up to 800g.... mehr
Produktinformationen "InfinityMR-S Encoder Gimbal für Kameras bis 800g/1,77lb"

Combined with a TRANSFORMER handheld unit, InfinityMR-S will be a reliable partner during shoots on the ground.

InfinityMR-S comes as a fully assembled unit. So just get it out of the box and enjoy perfect stabilization.

InfinityMR-S is compatible with the most popular cameras on the market up to 800g (max width: 120mm; max height: 80mm), including: Sony RX100 I-IV; Sony A6000; Sony A6300, BlackMagic Micro Camera and all similar.
Weight: 800g (including the anti-vibration system and the mounting system)
Controller: AlexMos with encoders
Operating voltage: 4S LiPo battery
Toolless balancing system
Built-in ORBIT anti-vibration system
Materials: aluminum & carbon fiber
Dedicated encoder motors
Lens and camera body support system für better performance


  • InfinityMR-S
  • Orbit damping system
  • 12mm tube mounting system
  • USB Kabel

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